What is White Hat SEO and how to do it

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In this article we will cover the topic What is White Hat SEO and also we will know how to do it. Be remember always that honesty is the best policy. So try to do your best with all legal approaches in all the fields to achieve your desired goal. Same approach should be followed while implementing SEO for your website. It might be possible that wrong or shortcut approaches will give you a good result but in long term this will not work. So every website owners should follow the right approach of SEO. Here right approach means the rules or guidelines provided by search engines and this right approaches are called White Hat SEO.

It is opposite of Black Hat SEO. We have a dedicated article on Black Hat SEO also. You should visit the page to know all about this, so that you can avoid those techniques.

What is White Hat SEO

The process of optimising your website as per the rules or guidelines provided by search engines to naturally rank on search engine result page (SERP) is known as White Hat SEO. In this process it use to take time to rank on search engine result pages, but once you ranked it will be for long time.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Now let’s understand the techniques used for White Hat SEO.

Keyword Research

Keyword search is one of the best and important techniques of White Hat SEO. Just think about why you are creating content and who will read your content? So keeping in mind about your valuable customers or visitors you should optimised your content accordingly. The most common and powerful words that can explain your content in few words only, those are called the Keywords. For example in this article, I am explaining all about white hat SEO and the techniques. So the most valuable Keyword for this article is “White Hat SEO” and “White Hat SEO Techniques”. I hope know you can understand what is keyword.

There are two types of keywords:
A. Short-tail: Short-tail keywords are typically one or two words and are broader in scope, such as “digital marketing”, “online shopping”, “SEO Techniques” etc. The competition is very high with short-tail keywords and it’s quite difficult to rank on search engines result pages with such keywords.

B. Long-tail: Long-tail keywords are more specific and typically contain three or more words, such as “10 SEO Tips to get on the first page of Google Search” or “What is Black Hat SEO and why to avoid it“. The competition is low with long-tail keywords and the changes are very high to rank on search engine result page quickly in comparison with short-tail keywords. So it’s my suggestion for new content creators to use long-tail keywords in beginning.

Optimise Page Speed

Page speed is the time taken by your page to load completely on any browser. To get high rank on search engine result page the time taken by your web page should be very less. If your page is taking almost 4 to 5 seconds then it’s not good for any search engines. The max time to load your page completely within 2 seconds should be treated as good. However, you should always try to minimise this time. Now I am explaining few common process to optimise your page speed.

  1. Image optimisation: To optimise images you should focus on the size of images and you must use alt attribute with all img tags.
  2. Page content structure:
    • Use titles those are clear, descriptive, and contain your target keywords.
    • Use headers and sub-headers (H1, H2, H3) to organize your content and make it easier to read.
    • Use descriptive text in your headers and include your target keywords naturally.
    • Use internal linking to link the other relevant pages on your website. This helps search engines to understand the structure of your website and the relationship between different pages.
    • Use meta descriptions to provide a brief summary of your content. Use your target keywords in your meta descriptions also.
    • Make your website easy to navigate also. For this you can use Nav tag and also make sure about mobile views.
  3. Use minimised version of CSS and JS: The minimised version use to load faster than original version of css and js or you can combine all css into one file.
  4. Use CDN: Try to use CDN for CSS and Javascript external files if you are using.
  5. Enable browser cache: Enable browser cache, so that browser can store static file locally instead of taking the files from server all the times. This will improve your page speed magically.
  6. Eliminate render-blocking resources: Use css at the top of your page and JavaScript at the bottom of the page, this will prevent the blocking of rendering the page. In javascript try to use async functions calls, so that page can load without waiting for server side dynamic content.
  7. Optimise code and database queries: If your website is using a database then it’s very important to optimise the database queries. It is the process of writing database query to speedup the request and response process and also reduce the number of database hits. You should write your code accordingly.
  8. Enable compression: Enable GZIP compression to reduce the size of files transferred between the your server and the clients browser. This significantly reduces improves page load speed.
  9. Responsive Pages: While creating the structure of your web page, you should also consider about mobile devices and your page contents should render properly on mobiles also. For this you should design your pages responsive. With the help of media queries in CSS you can achieve this.

Competitor Analysis

You should optimise your website content by analysing your competitors websites and try to provide more quality content that are not present on your competitors website. The chances to get high rank than your competitors will be very high, if you provide more quality content than your competitors. By analysing competitors website you can understand about used keywords and create your content by using combination of those keywords. To find out keywords of your competitors you can use different tools like: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Quick Search, Followerwonk etc. To get more information about this you can visit our another article “10 SEO Tips to get on the first page of Google Search

URL Optimisation

In this process you should focus on the URL of your page or article. As per White Hat SEO, you should consider following while creating a URL:

  • URL should contain your focus keyword.
  • Use lower case in url.
  • URL length should not too long or too small.
  • Instead of spaces between words use “-“.
  • Your URL keywords should match with the content title or article title.
  • Do not use any special character in URL.

Links Optimisation

Proper use of internal and external required. If you are explaining something and you have a dedicated page for that, then you should provide link of that content also, so that if a visitor likes your content they can visit your given links also. This will create a good impression from users point of view.

While optimising links you should also consider about backlinks. Let’s understand what is back link. In simple words, if your page or article links is placed on other websites page or article through which one can visit to your website also, those links are called backlink.

On some popular website if you write a quality comments and provide a link of your similar page then it comes in the category of White Hat SEO. But if you do this without quality comments and do this at mass level then this will come in the category of Black Hat SEO, which will be not good for your website.

High-Quality Content

This is one of the important part of White Hat SEO. We use to suggest this all the time for good SEO practice. Ultimately your content will be like by your visitor or not. If you provide quality in your content, the chances will be very high to retain your visitors and finally this will improve your rank on search engine result page. Don’t copy or past from other places. Try to provide your individual high quality content always. Also don’t try to satisfy search engine bots by over optimising the SEO. Your goal should be to satisfy your visitors.


By implementing White Hat SEO techniques you can improve your rank on search engine result page. This technique will take time to rank, but once you ranked, the changes to remain in search result page will be very long. Because in this approach you will follow the term and conditions provided by search engines. It’s opposite to Black Hat SEO.

I would like to suggest you to have a look on Black Hat SEO also to understand what you should not do while doing White Hat SEO.


What is White Hat SEO?

The legal process of doing SEO for your website or blog as per the terms and conditions defined by search engines is called White Hat SEO. There are a lot of techniques by which you can perform this. I already explained those above. Also suggest you to know what is Black Hat SEO and why to avoid it.

What is White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a legal approach to rank your website on search engine result page. Because it follow the rules and guidelines provided by search engines.

Black Hat SEO is not legal approach, in this approach the changes to rank on search result page will be very high and quick. But search engines will down your rank quickly also if you use Black Hat SEO techniques. So it’s not suggested approach for SEO.

Grey Hat SEO is a mix of While Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Most probably the Grey Hat SEO contains 80 to 85 percentage of White Hat SEO and 10 to 15 percentage of Black Hat SEO.

Is White Hat SEO illegal?

No, White Hat SEO is the suggest SEO technique by search engines and it’s as per the rules or guidelines of search engines. With the help of this your website can rank on search engine result page naturally and for long time.

What is an example of White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO includes keyword analysis, page seed optimisation, link buildings, image optimisations, URL’s optimisations. With the help of such techniques your website will rank on search engines for longer time.

What does SERP stand for?

The SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. The ultimate target of every website owner to get high rank on SERP. One can improve SERP by doing proper SEO.

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